Our exciting 2015/16 Program Year continues! October 11, 2015, 2:00 to 4:00 PM; Paul Sivert returns!

Imagine a lovely Sunday afternoon in Annapolis, and graciously being invited to a wonderful encounter with the Angelic Realm.  That is just what ACT is offering, a collaboration with the Divine, for our October 11th gathering.

Shamanism and the Angels of the Fifth Dimension PaulSivert
with Paul Sivert 

Shamans and Angels have been partners in the healing relationship since before recorded history.  This presentation will build on our current understanding of the Angelic Realm.  You will be reintroduced to the Angels of the Fifth Dimension.

We’ll journey to their realm for connection and inviting them to provide healing to our developing Fifth Dimension soul bodies.  Participants are encouraged to bring a crystal to set in our temple grid and any personal item you would like placed on the mesa (alter). You may want to bring a mat to lie down on the floor and a bandanna to cover your eyes. You may remain seated for this experiential work if you prefer.

Paul M. Sivert, L.C.P.C. is the Founder and Owner of Shamanic Healing Institute.  He is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (L.C.P.C.) and Cross-Cultural Shamanic Practitioner.  Paul’s expertise is in Divination, Soul Retrieval and Indigenous Healing Traditions including the Andean Cosmology.  Paul has been initiated by the most renowned medicine people to practice the energy medicine of South America.  Paul’s healing ceremonies have proven to be effective, efficient and filled with the energy of munay (love and beauty). Paul holds a Masters Degree in Psychology, and a degree in Ministry of Spiritual Counseling, as well as certificates to practice Integrated Awareness and Past Life Regression.  Paul has provided clinical counseling for 30+ years and he has provided healing ceremonies and energy medicine educational programs for 20+ years.

And Gary Hardnett will keep us
spell-bound with his music!

Gary draws on a number of indigenous sources and weaves these sounds into a tapestry of tones drawing us deeper into ourselves and our Planet!

 We will be gathering again in our beautiful new space at the new Unity by the Bay Church, located at:

4 Pointless Forest Trail, Annapolis MD 21409

 The ACT Vision

A Community of Transformation (ACT) is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to transformation in individuals, communities and the earth. We strive to integrate mind, body and spirit to achieve peace, harmony and wisdom.

Our Vision – An inspirational, heart-centered community that nurtures profound transformation.